Lecture Comments


“Your workshop was stellar” (Robert Blocker, Dean) . . . “a triumph!”
– Paul Hawkshaw, Associate Dean
Yale University School of Music

“Always original, lucid, and interesting!”
– Carola Grindea, President
European Piano Teachers Association (U.K.)

“Your evaluations were overwhelmingly filled with enthusiastic praise. You opened our minds . . many teachers will never be quite the same. A true highlight of the conference”
– Marvin Blickenstaff, Co-Director
National Conference for Piano Pedagogy (Chicago)

“The vibe during your session was incredibly energetic”
Prof. Jessica Johnson
University of Wisconsin, Madison

“His personality, at once caring, charming, and engaging – quickly endears him to his audiences (and students), enabling him to forge the kind of trust so necessary for the possibility of transformation and growth”
Prof. Dylan Savage
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

“Just the right mix of serious, provocative and humorous moments that drew the crowd in and made them wish for more. A modern Renaissance man!”
Prof. Janice Larson Razaq
Harper College, Chicago


“Westney has worked out a direct, experiential approach to seeing, hearing, being more awake. It applies across a wide range of experience. If an organization were looking to enliven a program and excite an audience in a direct and participatory way, it could do no better than bring in William Westney to do his work. He reveals to people that what they already know is deeper and more exciting than what they imagined.
– Sean Kernan
professional photographer and teacher, Workshops of Santa Fe

“Well thought-out . . . a perfect blend of art, instruction and entertainment.  Incorporating a grand piano into the presentation to physically demonstrate your points became wondrous. The moment at Luxury Kitchen and Bath Collection, when attendees are doing a mirroring exercise to a beautiful piece you are playing on the piano, will probably endure as one of the greatest things I have ever seen at a conference, and truly one of the most satisfying moments in my own career.”
– Paul Treanor, Conference Manager
Luxury Kitchen and Bath Collection

“A wonderful lecture – energizing and entertaining. The students were especially impacted by the idea that classical training, whether in the arts or in cooking, is only a springboard to your own creativity and contribution to the field. Thank you for a terrific presentation. It was a wonderful day.”
– Lucille Pritchard, Associate Dean for Liberal Arts and Management
The Culinary Institute of America