Texas Tech University has named William Westney to its “Integrated Scholars” roster for 2014. A profile and 2-minute video can be seen HERE.

Music Teachers National Association designated William Westney the 2012 recipient of the “Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award” in recognition of the ongoing contribution made to the field of pedagogy by his book The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self (2003).

Westney is heading up a research team under the auspices of Texas Tech’s newly inaugurated (2012) Transdisciplinary Research Academy. Entitled “Technological and Aesthetic Investigation of the Physical Movements of Pianists,” the project is briefly summarized in this YouTube video, and further details can be found on the RESEARCH tab.

A profile of Westney’s research activities is featured in the inaugural issue (May 11, 2011) of DISCOVERIES, an online publication of the Office of Research Services at Texas Tech University.

William Westney completed a six-month residency, as Hans Christian Andersen Guest Professor, at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense during 2009-10. Danish public television (ALTV) filmed various appearances:

Lecture – “Experience and Inquiry: A Musical Journey,” 11/17/09
Interview (in English after a short voiceover in Danish)
The “Un-Master Class” – an overview
Recital – Alsion Concert Hall, Sønderborg Denmark, 11/24/09, Pt 1
Recital – Alsion Concert Hall, Sønderborg Denmark, 11/24/09, Pt 2
“Duets and Dialogues” – joint lecture and interview excerpts with Cynthia M. Grund

For more audio-visual material related to research, click HERE.

As a professional pianist, I have always been fascinated by the ways in which concert music performance makes us accountable, requires us to master skills of mind and body, and presents intriguing practical problems every day. As a university professor, studio teacher and workshop facilitator I’ve been faced with the challenge of developing instructional techniques that address performance issues in direct, useful ways.

The results of my ongoing research and its applications are chronicled in this website, and I believe that they will be of interest not only to musicians, but to professionals in other fields where there is also a high premium placed on effectiveness in performance, problem-solving, communication and creativity.

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